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Dibble girls and Hydro-Eakly boys win the Bulldog Classic
Tuesday, 12.20.2016, 02:37pm (GMT-5)

By Michelle Overton

Eight teams participated in the 2016 Bulldog Classic Tournament Thursday morning through Saturday evening. Cashion girls and Hydro-Eakly boys were the 2015 champs. Hydro- Eakly would have the opportunity to repeat this honor, however, the Cashion teams did not play in the tournament this year.

Tourney play began Thursday at 11:00 am with  the Lookeba-Sickles girls defeating  the Tuttle JV girls 47-30. Lookeba-Sickles defeated Hinton a whopping 99 -32.

Game 3 was Hydro-Eakly girls beating Hinton girls in the closest game of the day 40-35. Hydro-Eakly easily defeated Tuttle JV 68-40.

These four schools were through until Friday and 4 more schools were scheduled for the late afternoon and evening games.  

Dibble girls beat Apache girls 60-29 while Union City barely scraped by Apache 62-60.

Minco girls played the Lady Tigers from down the road, and once again easily beat them 63-36.

The last game of the long day, for all involved, was a rematch between Minco and Dibble from Monday night. The Bulldogs won 65-47.

Friday’s games also began at 11:00 am with Tuttle JV girls beating the Apache girls for the first win of the day.  All teams losing today would go home. 

Apache beat Hinton 72-47 sending them to the bus. Union City girls defeated the Hinton Lady Comets sending them to the same bus. Dibble survived another game against Tuttle JV 56-32.

With 4 teams eliminated, the winners would play for the consolation  trophy Saturday.  The late afternoon and evening games would create the schedule for Saturday’s third place and Championship games. 

Dibble Lady Demons scored 10 more points than the ladies from Lookeba-Sickles.

Lookeba-Sickles fell to the consolation bracket while Dibble became the first team to make it to the Championship. Hydro-Eakly played phenomenally to be the first boys team to earn a spot in the finals while sending our own Bulldogs to the third-place game. 

Minco Lady Dogs barely escaped the third-place game by 2 points. Lookeba -Sickles advanced to finals while Union City would join the Bulldogs for the third place game.

Saturday, the Union City girls won the consolation  trophy while Dibble boys won on the opposite side. 

The 3rd place trophy went to the Hydro-Eakly girls and Union City boys.

This brings us to the Championship games.

The Lady Dibble Demons, Minco Lady Bulldogs, Lookeba-Sickles Panthers and the Hydro-Eakly Bobcats guaranteed a trophy, but the 2nd place trophy is never desired or appreciated.

Playing and defeating Minco on Monday night for a regular season game may have given Dibble the extra confidence they needed to control the Bulldogs and win the game 55-38.

The championship boys game was a much tighter game. I’m sure Lookeba-Sickles wished they had saved their 99 point game for tonight, but instead scored less than half of that. Hydro-Eakly managed to score 5 more points than Lookeba-Sickles’ 47 point to win the championship game. Hydro-Eakly boys were able to repeat their tournament championship.