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Sister Act 3 debuts on Minco’s Main Street
Tuesday, 08.26.2014, 04:24pm (GMT-5)

By Kelly Rupp
Sister Act 3 Boutique and Tanning is a delightful addition to Minco’s Main Street. 
My visit to the shop on Saturday certainly did not fail to impress.
The boutique is filled with to-die-for purses, gorgeous leather and beadwork belts, billowy blouses, beautiful jewelry, and the softest leggings I have ever felt. It also has home décor and other knick-knacks.
The prices are surprisingly affordable and my wallet practically jumped out of my purse.
Sister Act 3 is the brain child of sisters Denise Phelps, Lana McKinsey and Dena Friesen. The sisters have sold their wares in booths at horse shows in the past, but they were ready to have a permanent home for their business.
“A year and a half ago we decided we needed to do something to supplement our incomes as educators. We had been following our kids to various rodeos and we saw an opportunity to sell on that side. We enjoyed it and had a lot of fun, but we knew we wanted a store front,” McKinsey said.
The plan all fell together when the sisters saw the for rent sign on the former Minco Video and Tanning building.
“We knew we needed a building for our website store inventory and there is no other new clothing store in Minco. There was a need for clothing and décor here. We were looking and everything fell into place. We all three love Minco. Everyone here knows us personally and when people come in we know their names,” McKinsey said.
“The people here have been overwhelming about coming in and sharing information about the store with their friends. We’ve been made to feel very welcome. Several members of the Chamber have come in and several police officers have stopped to check on us when we’re here working late. They’ve been very friendly and nice. It’s comforting to know they’re checking on us. People are excited to have something new coming to Minco,” Phelps said.
The sisters are hoping the shop will help other Main Street businesses.
“Any time someone puts in a new business it helps everyone. We’re hoping customers will walk down the street to other businesses,” Phelps said.
The boutique will also have tanning beds and Angela Gore’s hair salon will be located in the back of the shop.
Three Sisters will host its grand opening Saturday, Sept. 6 from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
“Everyone who walks through the front door will get some kind of free gift and there will be lots of sales going on throughout the store,” McKinsey said.
With the variety of items for teens through senior citizens and sizes small through plus, everyone who visits is sure to walk out with a wish list.

Kelly Rupp