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Residents asked to confine dogs
Tuesday, 09.02.2014, 04:57pm (GMT-5)

By Kelly Rupp
The Minco Police Department is asking dog owners to keep their dogs confined following two incidents involving aggressive dogs.
The first incident occurred on July 3 when a citizen reported a vicious dog off of Fourth and Belle. The dog growled, barked and charged the resident and his son while the resident was in his yard.
Sergeant Josh Fletcher of the Minco Police Department located the dog in an alley behind the Post Office west of Fourth Street. Fletcher tried to call the dog to him, but it ran into a back yard. When Fletcher tried to go to the front porch to contact the dog’s owner, the dog came back out of the yard through an open gate and charged Fletcher.
Fletcher called dispatch to try to get the homeowner’s contact information, but was unable to get the information.
Fletcher went to the Water Department to get a catch pole, but the facility was locked.
William Ellis, who was the Police Chief at the time, came to assist. The dog ran back into its back yard. The dog left the back yard again and charged Ellis and Fletcher. Fletcher shot and killed the dog.
“I waited until the dog was eight feet away and shot it in the shoulder. It looked like it was going to turn around, but then it came back after me. The second shot killed it,” Fletcher said.
“The first time when he charged and I drew, after that he had backed off and I had reholstered. The reporting party asked me why I didn’t shoot it the first time and I told him if it had come closer I would have and I was glad I didn’t. I didn’t want to shoot this dog,” Fletcher said.
The dog’s owner had attempted to keep the dog in the yard.
“These people had tried to keep the dog up and had a lead on it. The dog had broken the lead,” Fletcher said.
“It’s unfortunate that it happened, but I can’t let an animal that’s going to charge people, not just on its property, but in the city, get loose. If I had pepper spray I could have used that. Chances are the dog would have backed away,” Fletcher said.
The city does not provide officers with pepper spray.
The second incident occurred last week when officers received a report of a vicious dog, but the animal was captured by Officer Jeff Robbins and taken to the city pound.
“My advice is if you’re going to have animals, you need to make sure they’re confined in the house or the back yard,” Fletcher said.

Kelly Rupp