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Minco Council tables CORD renewal
Saturday, 10.01.2011, 07:39pm (GMT-5)

By Cassie Cranshaw

Contributing Writer

At the September 19th Minco City Council meeting the council discussed the possible renewal of the Central Oklahoma Regional Development (CORD) contract.

According to its website CORD was established by ten communities in the area to promote economic development. Minco along with Calumet, El Reno, Geary, Hinton, Kingfisher, Okarche, Piedmont, Union City, and Watonga make up these ten.

The renewal of the CORD agreement was tabled at the August meeting because the council did not receive a copy of the contract it holds with CORD.

Once again the council had to table the item at this month’s meeting because the copy of the contract they had received was incomplete.

The cost for Minco to remain a part of CORD is $1.20 per citizen.

There was brief discussion about who should represent Minco on the CORD board. Kimber Hendrickson has been filling the position for the last year and asked the council, during the public witness portion of the meeting, to continue to let her serve in that capacity.

Mayor Watson Mitchell presented to the council the possible appointment of former Minco mayor, Kelly Rupp, to the position. However, without the complete contract the council felt it impossible to appoint a Minco representative until they had reviewed all the necessary paperwork.

The council was also unsure if it will maintain its relationship with CORD.

Samuel Floyd Jackson also addressed the council during the public witness portion of the meeting. He expressed the need for a three-way stop sign at 4th and South Streets.

“There are several children that live in that area and cars just fly down that street. I’ve been run off the road myself and ended up in the bar ditch because there was nowhere else to go,” He said. Later in the meeting the council approved the addition of the stop sign.

The council also heard from Tonya Hacker, author and founder of Ghosts, Haunts of Oklahoma and Urban Legend Investigations or G.H.O.U.L.I. Hacker approached the council because she would like to conduct a paranormal study of the armory.

“I grew up in Minco and have always heard that the armory was haunted,” she said.

“I am a skeptic and have developed a psychological trial where I conduct research projects based on human perceptions. Then, with the information collected I match with history and other stories of hauntings.”

Hacker also said that she has never conducted one of her trials in a place that was truly haunted. She had been in the armory already and recorded what she believes to be evidence of a haunted armory.

The council approved Hacker’s request with only Bruce Campbell voting against the use of the armory for the study. The studies will take place on Saturdays during the month of October from 6PM- 10PM.

Hacker also assured the council that she would have participants fill out liability release forms. City Attorney Jeremy Brown would review the releases prior to the study to determine that the city could not be held liable.

The council did not approve of the police department purchasing five, less-than-lethal tasers nor the police department purchasing five AEDs for responding to cardiac emergencies.

The council approved the renewal of the jail contract with Grady County, hiring CPA Rick Walters to assist with audits at the rate of $4,125.00, and a 90 day raise for city employee Bill Braunig. The council also approved entering into an agreement with Joe Bosler to sign the PWS Monthly Operating Report.