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Charges filed for March incident
Saturday, 04.30.2011, 03:13pm (GMT-5)

By Kelly Rupp

Doug Denard of Minco has been charged with misdemeanor assault and battery following a March 19, 2011, incident at a local business. According to the police report, an employee at Gas NGo alleges that Denard grabbed her wrist. The police report states that a store surveillance video taken allegedly shows “Mr. Denard can be seen at the counter attempting to order a hamburger and he can be seen taking a swing at [the employee] with an opened hand and later can be seen grabbing her left wrist. [The employee] pulls her arm away out of his grasp and steps back away from the counter. [The employee] then steps back up to the counter to take his order and she looked up and saw Officer Bill Ellis was next in line. Officer Ellis can be seen on the video entering the store after the Assault and Battery had taken place.” According to the report, Officer Ellis spoke to the alleged victim immediately after the incident “but at no time did [the employee] state that she wanted to press charges.” The employee went to the Police Department on March 20 to file a voluntary report on the incident. The case was turned over to the Grady County District Attorney’s office. Charges were filed by the DA the week of April 18. “I’ve looked at the video and this seems to be much ado about nothing,” said Scott Tack, Denard’s attorney. Denard was Minco’s mayor from 2004 to 2007 and recently ran for Minco’s City Council.