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a little sqaure
Saturday, 08.13.2011, 07:11pm (GMT-5)

I started mowing my dirt the other day and lost my black shifter knob on my tractor.
It was so stinking hot I decide to stop; I had an idea on my mind to try anyways.
As an experiment I took two eggs out to the blacktop street to see if they would
really fry while it was 108 degrees outside. Sure enough as I cracked each of them
and as they spread out over the pavement they began to cook. The smell was more
than pleasing and I started getting hungry. I ran inside and grabbed some bacon to
try it too, and sure enough both strips started sizzling up just fine. As I stood there
salivating over the rising aroma of eggs and bacon, I had another brainstorm and
ran back inside and rounded up hash browns from the freezer and my half full coffee
pot from the morning. The hash browns were a little slow to brown like I like
them, but I had to wait on the coffee to heat up anyways so it wasn’t too big a deal.
Then I remembered I was out of salt and pepper! Everything was heating up fine
so I jumped in my truck, turning wide to go around my lunch, and started out for
the quick mart in town. I met my neighbor at the end of the road and stopped him
and told him of my experiment from our truck windows. At first he didn’t believe
me, but I assured him it was true and he could look for himself as he passed by. He
said he loved bacon and eggs anyways so he would be sure to look. I hustled the
mile to the store and bought salt, pepper and a quart of orange juice. I was starving
by now and couldn’t wait to get back. As I turned the corner I saw my neighbor’s
truck ahead parked near my drive and my new cook stove. I was a little concerned
and sped up to see what he was up to. You won’t believe what I saw when I got
there. My neighbor was standing over my handiwork, and guess what he had in his
mouth? You guessed it, the black shifter knob from my tractor.

David Allen Barton is a native Oklahoman residing in Union City with a passion
for Western and Native American history, and one of the finest authors in Oklahoma.
He is the author of With No Steps to Follow, his debut novel about a young
man and his journey through Indian Territory on his way to California. With No
Steps to Follow was a finalist for the 22nd annual OCB Oklahoma Book Award and
one of the Minco Millennium’s favorite books of 2010.