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a little sqaure
Saturday, 08.13.2011, 07:11pm
I started mowing my dirt the other day and lost my black shifter knob on my tractor.
Movie Review: Tron: Legacy
Friday, 01.07.2011, 03:00pm
“Tron: Legacy” rocked the box-office in its opening week, showing $43 million in ticket returns. It’s a huge leap from the first “Tron’s” measly $4.8 million opening, but poor dialogue, bad acting, and dreadfully dull sequences suggest that the sequel’s returns reflect a successful advertising campaign rather than a quality film.
A Lesson in Musicality
Sunday, 12.12.2010, 10:55am
It depresses me every time I hear that Classical music consistently fails to bring in new listeners. While it is true that orchestras and operas have found a certain degree of success in the theater venue, there remains the fact that recording equipment simply cannot contain the dynamics of a live performance. In an age during which people increasingly know less about diverse musical compositions and how much difference dynamic change can make in the way we receive a beautiful piece of music, these recorded theater performances seem another grand failure of an art desperate for listeners.
Microwave 4:15 and let stand
Wednesday, 06.02.2010, 04:53pm
When I first saw that “Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time” would be made into a movie, I relished the memory of sitting on my couch munching on chana chatpata and fruit while trumping through the virtual dungeons on my Xbox 360.
Artist to visit Minco Schools on Jan. 6th
Tuesday, 12.15.2009, 05:51pm
Christopher Nick will be presenting on Jan. 6th to the Kindergarten – 12 grade students at Minco Public Schools. This is an exceptional opportunity for the Minco students to receive art experience with a professional artist. 
The Way I See It, By Dave Conrad
Tuesday, 12.15.2009, 05:48pm

Too busy to do . . . well, just about anything.

It all started the day after Thanksgiving. We spent a couple hours getting out the lights and putting them up.

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